Continuing Education

17 Crazy Things Agents Do to Mess Up Their Careers (NATIONAL INSTRUCTOR)

3.5 CE Credits

Why take this course?

If you are looking for a continuing education course that is fun and engaging, then you do not want to miss National Instructor Michele Sloan and her class, 17 Crazy Things Agents Do to Mess Up Their Careers!

Everyday real estate licensees are faced with unique issues and dilemmas. Those issues range from common real estate life to the bizarre. Rather than traditional lecture style class, this course was developed to appeal to the agent masses with storytelling. Storytelling helps the listener absorb the information, stirs creativity and encourages imagination in problem solving.

17 Crazy Things Agents do to Mess up Their Careers is a high energy, sometimes comedic, presentation that not only engages the audience but allows them to relate the stories to their own daily real estate activities with the primary goal of a higher quality service to the clients/customers served.

Course Materials

All handouts are included. There is no required text.

Course Dates & Times

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