Continuing Education

How to Market Like a Rock Star on a Roadie's Budget

3.5 CE Credits

Why take this course?

Join National Instructor Craig Grant, Real Estate Tech Guru and CEO of the Real Estate Technology Institute (RETI), for this informational and exciting course!
Today’s mobile consumer has access to more information and tools than ever before, which has changed them in many ways, including how they are affected by marketing and how they make business decisions.

For a REALTOR® to succeed, they need to:

  • Quickly adapt and be willing to change marketing techniques (i.e. make their promotions more targeted)
  • Personalize, visualize and leverage newer platforms
  • Use video and social media

This session will explore how consumers are changing and what marketing techniques and tools you can implement for little or no cost and with little technical skill or knowledge.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role and growth of the internet and how it has changed the real estate consumers research process.
  • Identify websites used by consumers and available advertising options to help you effectively reach potential clients and implement an online marketing plan.
  • Understand the increasing role of social media as a long term relationship building tool and create a game plan to implement your social media strategy.

Course Materials

All handouts are included. There is no required text.

Course Dates & Times

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