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Mold Beyond Myth

Why take this course?

As more homes exhibit environmental hazards and government requirements become stricter and numerous, the liabilities associated with indoor mold exposure continue to grow. More than ever, it is vital that agents, brokers and investors understand the facts and fiction regarding mold and its remediation.

Because there are NO requirements for mold remediation certification and training in Pennsylvania, your basic knowledge as a real estate professional is an important component of your overall financial success. Our training is designed to address the facts and knowledge needed to make you the expert in the room.

This seminar is taught by Joe Murphy of Phoenix Restoration & Environmental Services Inc.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize mold in a home and learn why it’s growing…. and why there?
  • Identify and recognize environmental conditions that promote indoor mold growth
  • Look for growth if you believe there may be mold (hint - it’s not where you’d think!)
  • Understand how different types of moisture affect mold growth. What is relative humidity and why should I care?
  • Identify dangerous mold. And what about that BLACK MOLD!?
  • Understand the health hazards associated with mold exposure
  • Identify who is at greatest risk and why
  • Protect yourself and your buyers from getting sick
  • What is remediation, how is it performed, and what should you expect when it's completed properly
  • What challenges each season brings for growth and remediation

Course Dates & Times

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