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By Ashley Lipman for The CE Shop

We already know that the best real estate agents never stop learning, but have you wondered which skills will help you dominate your local market? We’ll break down the fundamental skills all successful agents have mastered so that you can feel confident as you take on the world of real estate.

What Five Skills Do Real Estate Agents Need to Thrive?

1. Knowledge of the Industry

This skill might seem obvious, but it’s too important not to mention. You might run into a well-versed client or two who have been around the real estate block, but most are clueless about the steps involved in buying or selling a home.

It’s your job to help your clients make sense of the process through hands-on assistance. Plus, providing credible and valuable information establishes your expertise so that you can become a go-to source for new buyers.

Combine your Pre-Licensing education with experience and creativity to overcome any new, unexpected challenges that you face in this ever-changing industry.

Areas of Specialization

Of course, you can’t expect to learn everything. For example, you might specialize in selling or buying vacation homes, allowing you to hone in on the relevant education, certifications, and connections you need to build your sphere of influence within that specialty.

Whatever your niche might be, study it to the tiniest of details. Becoming a jack of all trades is near impossible for most, but mastering one area of specialization can be done, and your clients will appreciate your expertise.

In-depth Local Area Knowledge

Moreover, get involved with your community, town, and state. Familiarity with amenities, local businesses, and more, will help you stand out and become a reliable, trustworthy source of information.

2. Communication Skills

Clients are as essential to your business as the property that you’re selling. You must listen to them to understand what they need. Don’t assume their preferences; demonstrate that you see them as people, not numbers on your balance sheet, by being attentive and transparent in your client dealings. After all, the purchase of property is often the largest expense anyone undertakes in their lifetime – and each client’s home should fit their specific needs.

Make good use of your website and social media profiles to set a solid foundation for a fruitful relationship. Dedicate an entire page to who you are and what sets you apart from the competition.

As you flesh out your website and social media presence, remember that no two clients are alike. They’ll have differing sets of needs and preferences. Meet them where they are, whether that means communicating through text or lengthy phone consultations where you explain the ins and outs of a home purchase. You are your client’s guide through the thorny world of real estate, and clear communication will bolster your reputation as the top agent around.

3. Adaptability

Real estate often changes as new laws and legislation are passed. That’s why agents are required to take Continuing Education courses to maintain their licenses – so that they can take in industry changes and respond accordingly.

Technology is a notable example. It continually integrates with the sector in new forms, making it challenging yet vital to determine which tech-based solutions to embrace. Luckily, the Greater Lehigh Valley Real Estate Academy, and its partners in The CE Shop and Mbition Learn Real Estate, are here to help. Check out The CE Shop’s free ebook on easy-to-use technology tools that can grow your real estate career.

4. Networking Skills

Networking is essential for real estate agents. You’re a representative of your community, so you both depend on and can thrive from the connections you make.

5. Professional Integrity

To succeed long-term in real estate, you must have integrity. It’s the only way to develop and maintain a reputation as the go-to expert in your field. That’s why REALTORS® are required to remain transparent in all transactions and interactions.

Useful transparency-boosting strategies include:

  • Asking for testimonials to publish on your website.
  • Posting stories of successful, happy clients.
  • Responding quickly and proactively to negative reviews.
  • Sharing comprehensive reports of the local area, even if they’re negative.
  • Charging reasonable rates and openly comparing yourself to prominent competition.
  • Providing transparent agreements to each client.

All of these actions might seem small at first, but they add up to build a reliable image that your clients will appreciate.

The best agents are constantly learning, so keep working at these five foundational skills to find success in real estate. And don’t worry – the Greater Lehigh Valley Real Estate Academy, The CE Shop and Mbition Learn Real Estate will be here to help you through every stage of your career, whether you’re just joining the industry or you’ve been selling houses for decades.