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Joshua Cadillac headshot

Joshua Cadillac is a licensed Realtor, and his passion is helping people in both troubled and opportunity rich times. Josh specializes in selling properties, as well as giving guidance to people facing the nightmare of losing their home. His focus on selling properties has made him a top listing agent for the past three years, representing more than half of his company’s properties. Josh holds 21 industry designations and certifications.

Josh is also an avid real estate investor, saying “I can’t sell a product I don’t believe in.” ┬áBecause of his knowledge and hands-on expertise, Josh has built a large network of investors that depend on him to find the best investment opportunities. Clients range from the small first time investor, to the large commercial/industrial buyer.

Somehow, Josh has found time to own and operate two restaurants, become a master certified auto technician and compete in both competitive ballroom dancing and bodybuilding. He currently lives in Miami, FL.