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Mark Given Instructor Headshot

The Speaker
Mark has spoken or taught at more than 1,200 events and programs over the past 15 years on leadership training, sales mastery, personal and business success and trust based networking systems and has shared his philosophy with tens of thousands of people and hundreds of businesses across the world. Audiences say that Mark’s speaking and teaching delivery is timely, relevant, witty, engaging, funny, cutting edge and a breath of fresh air. Event Coordinators regularly say that Mark is “the easiest and kindest speaker they have ever worked with.”

The Author
Mark is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author and has written nine books including the Amazon #1 Bestseller “Finding My Why Ernie’s Journey”. He is best known as the Author of the Bestselling Trust Based Philosophy book series. He has been a featured guest on dozens of podcasts, radio shows and media centers from Hong Kong to London and has written articles for the online Money, Inc website. His personal blog “Mark’s Minute” is read by thousands of people across the world every Wednesday. Mark knows how to identify the practical and simple lessons that grow people, their businesses, their lives and their future.

The Person
Mark grew up in a rural Ohio town, headed to North Carolina to finish college, and resides in a small NC community with his wife of 43 years. Together, they have raised five great kids and inspire nine grandchildren that are nearly perfect in every way! Their four sons are all Eagle Scouts, one son is a serial entrepreneur, one is a dentist, and two are customer relations experts for Lowe’s and the Montague Hotels. Mark’s daughter Kerri is a Hospitality Management graduate, dance teacher, choreographer and is Mark’s VP of Marketing.

The Businessman
After his education at The Ohio State University and Elon College, Mark spent 20 years as CEO of a multi-state retail sales and rental company that grew to 47 locations. He has spent the past 21 years as a philosopher, speaker, teacher, coach, and bestselling author. All along the way, Mark has invested tens of thousands of hours teaching his life- and business-changing Trust Based Philosophy systems, leadership skills, sales skills, and success systems.