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Advanced 1031 Exchanges

CE Credits: 3.5 WednesdayApril 17, 20241:00 pm - 4:30 pm
10 S Commerce Way Bethlehem PA, 18017-8915

Why Take this Course?

1031 exchanges have recently become legal in Pennsylvania and many investors are taking advantage of the associated tax benefits. This class is geared towards more experienced investors and those who advise them. After a brief overview of the 1031 exchange basics, attendees will delve into topics that cover transactions dealing with complicated circumstances, property ownership issues, fractional ownership and mineral rights. Finally, the proposed federal budget and its impact on these regulations will be discussed so investors and agents are aware of possible changes.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1.  Be comfortable with the basic 1031 exchange rules and requirements.
  2.  Understand the most recent real property regulations and laws, including how the current federal budget proposal would impact 1031 exchanges.
  3.  Identify a “drop & swap” transaction, related party exchanges, reverse exchanges, and improvement exchanges
  4.  Know how cash out refinancing works with an exchange
  5.  Understand exchanges in relation to triple net properties
  6.  Know how various legal ownership structures impact a transaction
  7.  Understand Delaware Statutory Trusts
  8.  Know how oil and gas royalties impact a 1031 exchange

“This 1031 Exchange class that GLVRE Academy provided was by far one of the best classes I’ve taken!  I’ve been recommending to other Realtors this class is absolutely worth taking. I don’t know any agent who doesn’t deal with Investors. This should be a standard prerequisite for all Realtors to take.” – Past Student, 11/16/23

“Very informational. Gained so much information and value for a low cost. Thank God!” – Past Student, 2/22/23


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