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Talk of artificial intelligence seems to be everywhere. REALTOR® Magazine’s recent article, Start Experimenting With AI Now provides tips on how to get started with this pervasive and emerging technology:

  • Use AI to quickly write blog posts, create imagery, build out work processes or put together a business plan.
  • The design program Canva can instantly translate your marketing materials into other languages.
  • Make the investment to use the paid versions of AI tools so that you have all the features available to you.
  • Fact check and proofread everything you produce using AI. You’re responsible for the accuracy of your work, regardless of how it’s produced.
  • Stay on top of developments in AI. Questions about copyright of AI-generated materials, for example, are still being decided.

Dive into other informative articles which can help you navigate common pitfalls of this quickly evolving technology, including:


There are still a lot of unanswered questions for real estate practitioners seeking to use this evolving technology. Better understand the murkiness of legal issues involving AI-generated works along with how to stay in compliance with the Code of Ethics when creating content using AI technology.

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Traps to Avoid

While there is no question that AI technology can save you time and money, educate yourself on the legal risks for real estate pros, whether using AI for chat bots, personalized advertising or automated messaging. 

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AI Regulation

As with any rapidly advancing technology, safeguards should be put in place to ensure ethics, bias, privacy and control are protected.

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Legal Tips

Follow best practices when using AI for your business in creating marketing content and listing descriptions that adhere to ethical standards and avoid any potential legal liability.

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The Greater Lehigh Valley Real Estate Academy has added AI & ChatGPT for Real Estate to its class roster. Explore what AI is, how it can be used in your real estate business and everyday life, the legal and ethical implications, and much more.