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Smart, Green & Adaptable Homes – Zoom

CE Credits: 3.5 MondayMarch 4, 20249:00 am - 12:30 pm

This is a livestream course. You will be emailed a registration link to the class the day prior. Please add to your email whitelist. 

Why Take This Course?

Attendees will learn about green, smart, and adaptable (universal design) features in houses, as well as current tax breaks offered for energy-efficient adaptations to housing. Agents need to be knowledgeable about these features when pricing homes and explaining benefits to consumers since an aging population, particularly in some areas, is increasing the demand for accessibility and universal design. Appraisers need to be aware of how to adjust for these differences, especially since the new FNMA forms have an expanded section on energy efficient items. Become well versed in all three housing features which may be unfamiliar to many agents.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

1.Identify current trends in green, smart, and adaptability and understand that these trends change all the time
2.Understand how to identify these features in a home and demonstrate them to buyers, or explain them in an appraisal report
3.Examine how smart, green and accessibility work together to create a better living experience for consumers
4.Compare and contrast consumer interest in green, smart, and accessibility features; and how it is affecting real estate markets
5.Differentiate among types of ratings systems for energy efficiency, and examine market data to determine the effect on value and marketability of these features
6.Identify current tax breaks available for green construction and retrofitting as well as long-term financial benefits to owners for energy efficiency


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Melanie McLane

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